4 killer tactics to slay 2017

Almost every time when the new year starts a lot of us preach around our friends and social media «New Year, new me»! With that we also create an imaginary list of new years resolutions in our mind, which we unfortunately hardly fulfill them during the year. Well, that ends today! I have some killer tactics to share with you, which will help you and me, achieve everything we want in 2017.


Grab the bull by its horn

Are some things on your new years resolution list which are a pain in the … to start with? What do we usually do with such kind of things? We push them away and eventually forget to do them by “coincidence”. To stop this bad habit I have the perfect recipe for it: Take your phone, put in the timer and work on one of your goals for 30 min. After that the next time you are working on it, it will be much easier to continue.

Be more confident

That`s one of the tips we hear a lot, but it really works! If you approach something with confidence it most likely works out in your favor. Are you one of those people who are shy and timid? Don`t worry just create an alter ego, as Beyoncé who invented “Sasha Fierce”. If it works for Queen Bee it surely works for you too ;)

Get physical

You should really consider to work out more this year. Physical activity helps you to release bottled-up anger and frustration. It also reduces depression and low self-esteem which are big obstacles of personal growth. I know sometimes our motivation to do sports sinks after a while but there are a few affective ways to stop that. My tip to keep on going to your sport class is to pack your sport bag the night before. Another great advice is to reward yourself after you accomplished your weekly goal.

Remind yourself of your goals

If you set short- or long-term goals it is important to check your progress frequently. Losing sight of your goals slows your success down. It also gives you more space to think about giving up. Keeping track of your progress, keeps you motivated

Alright, these are the basics to grow out of your comfort zone in 2017. I hope you can use my killer tactics to slay this year and of course the years to come as well.