Once upon a time I met an interesting man

One of the most eye opening conversations I had with a stranger, was while I was working in a retail store. Sometimes elderly people come by to talk to some of us employees just to pass time and I had once the chance to talk to a very interesting man last year.

He was in his 60s, had a half bald head, greyish-white hair and was about two heads taller than me. He was asking me about something small but suddenly started to wonder, whether I am a full-time or working as a part-time employee next to my studies. While talking we realized that I am studying in the same city where he used to study when I was around my age. In this conversation, he complemented me on something that is still stuck in my head.

He told me he was admired how I am using my full potential in this time and age. Not a lot of girls and women get the opportunity to go to university or in general have the chance to do whatever they want to. Before he left he advised me to keep striving for better in this generation, especially as a young woman of color. Self-determination.

By sharing this encounter with that man, I want to remember you to do the best out of your situation. Turn your dreams into goals and use your full potential to achieve them. Sometimes when things don`t work out the way we want, we get frustrated and forget why we are working so hard. Well, I was in that place before that gentleman came into the store. Little things like this should remind us that it`s our decision what we want to reach and be in life. So, if you are lost at the moment like I was, remember the quote by Charles Simmons “Determination is power.”



 Which way are you going to choose?

Which way are you going to choose?