Clumsy And Goofy? | How To Be Taken More Serious By Everyone


Do you feel that people don`t take what you`re saying seriously? Or don`t even acknowledge your opinion as much as you would wish? If yes, don`t worry. Through middle and high school, I have experienced, some of the people around me not taking what I had to say too seriously as well. I used to be (and maybe still am hahaha) goofy, clumsy and I would always have the best embarrassing stories in my group. Even though some of the people didn`t mean any harm by not taking me very seriously, it makes a person a little insecure. So, keep on reading if you want to find out some tips, that helped me overcoming this problem.

Share good advice! If you`re like me, you`re the type of person who experiences the most embarrassing things which could happen in life. I also laugh these situations off by sharing my awkward stories with people around. Even though it makes people have a good laugh, it makes you seem as a very clumsy person. What I do to outweigh my clumsiness with my seriousness is, I always try to find a conclusion out of my experience and turn them into an advice. People relate easier to you if you share embarrassing stories and good advice with them.

Be reliable! Keeping promises is an essential base to be seen as an honorable person. People start to mistrust you when they notice a person always says there are going to do something, but never get it done. It`s annoying and that`s how people won’t take you serious in a negative way.

Be serious sometimes! Being goofy is a great quality, in my opinion. But sometimes being goofy all the time could be your downfall. In my case, I tended to be goofy in all situations. For example, when one of my girlfriends was sad about a boy or because of something else I tried to cheer her up with some of my ridiculousness. That`s fine, please don`t get me wrong but the most important thing is not to forget to listen to your friend and give her/him the best advice and support possible.

These are my basics to be taken more seriously by the people around me. I hope you can use them as well and see what a difference it makes. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about my post in the comment section below.