Teenage Life Lessons | If they don`t get it, they don`t deserve it!

Being a teenager is an exciting phase in your life. Through your whole life, you`ll learn lessons for the future.  But during the teenage years, you probably make the most mistakes which leads to the foundation of a lot of life lessons in my opinion.  Today I`ll be sharing one of my lessons I learned before I grow into my twenties.

Being the more sensitive type of chick, I always wanted to be liked and loved by everyone. I don`t know why but it really bothered me when a person disliked me. Especially when the person just had met me and had all kinds of prejudgments of me. My immediate reaction after receiving negative vibes from the “hater” (hahahah) I seriously tried to get along with them with an extra effort. What do you think happened after I gave an extra effort to get along with these people?


Yep, they still didn`t end up liking me…I remember that made me so devastated and unconfident as a person. After living with this mindset “Everybody should like me and if not, I have to question my personality” for years, it finally hit me: Why should I truly care when someone doesn’t like me for me? If they don`t get it, they don`t deserve it!


In conclusion, one of my biggest teenage life lessons I experienced, is to stop caring about why people don`t like me for me. Ever since I changed my attitude I`ve been feeling way happier with my personality!

So that`s my story from me to you. Maybe it helped you or it made you think. Whatever it is I hope you`ll leave a comment and visit my page soon again 😉