Blogger to Blogger: An interview with Hélène Nzita

 I`m on the left Hélène is on the right

I`m on the left Hélène is on the right

The born Congolese and Angolese has liked pretty things ever since she was small. Helena played with her mother’s make up and would dress up all the time. In her teenage years, she learned to perfection her make-up and her hairdressing skills. By having the new found knowledge to do makeup and hair she quit her job as a commercial clerk and went on to be a Makeup-Artist, Hairdresser and Stylist. Today she has a fashion and beauty blog called and owns a online Shop Mosaique Store, which is an online clothing store. I think she is an inspiring young woman with her being the same age as I am. That`s why I want to share her story with you.

You quite your job as a commercial clerk to be an all-round beauty artist. When did you noticed you was unhappy with your old job?

I used to work for the College of Design Northwest Switzerland and I noticed that I preferred to be one of the students than an office worker there. Seeing the work of students hung up in the corridors really made me realize that I had the urge to do something creative. Instead of being in an office typing in numbers in the computer and almost falling asleep. So, that`s why I quit and went on to be an all-round beauty artist.

Why did you start with blogging?

The idea to start a fashion blog came last September 2016. I found my own clothing style very early, which is elegant with a sexy touch. Bellenee launched the end of November. If you look on my blog you will rather find beauty blog posts then fashion blog posts. The reason for that is because I want to tone my body first to make the pictures look exactly how I want! Hahaahah

I know you have your own online store called Mosaique Store, which I think is great. Can you tell me how that came about?

First, I wanted to do a hair extensions online store but after working on my business plan and concept my dream crashed quickly. Unfortunately, I didn`t have enough money to use as starting capital for it. Last year my brother came up to me with the idea to sell some coats but I made the idea bigger and thought we also can do an online store instead of just selling these coats. Being so over motivated I quickly took over and created everything. The website, buying, marketing and photoshoots.

What is the concept of Mosaique store?

Because the things here in Switzerland are mostly expensive I wanted to offer things to students or people with low income. A clothing line which they didn`t had to wait for the sale season to buy. Mosaique store sells nice and cool clothes for an affordable price.

That sounds great. Well you are still in the beginning phase of your online store. How do you keep motivated even though you don`t make any profit yet?

Yes, your right. The money I earn from it has to be invested in the new collection. I mean it would be awesome to make a million from one day to another with my business but that takes time. Who knows maybe today in a couple of years I could be a millionaire. The most important thing what keeps me going, is that it is fun and my passion. When you have fun with it you do it with all your heart and that results to success. One day, I can live of my online store but I have to work hard and long to realize that.

Now we reached to my last question. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Hopefully having success with the online store and a team that works with me to maintain it. I also see myself being in the Maldives with my twins drinking out of a coconut! (Amused)


Thank you very much Hélène!

Dear readers, I hope you also got inspired like me after Hélène’s story. To check out her blog go on and her online store

 Mosaique Store`s one year anniversary party on the 11th of Febuary!

Mosaique Store`s one year anniversary party on the 11th of Febuary!